4 Replies to “Want to be more social? Talk to a six year old”

  1. Sue, you are spot on. Speaking from the heart is the language that actually resonates, the rest can often sound like sound bites. I love talking to kids. I just can’t talk to any of my son’s friends, it’s a new rule to prevent hyper embarrassment on his part. Always love hearing from you.

  2. Thanks Lisa! Just wait until Jack reaches the teen stage of monosyllabic grunts and nods. Teen girls on the other hand – a hailstorm of useless trivia and declarations. I love talking about talking.

  3. Excellent, Sue. I think you’ve done one better than Seth Godin. The length is just right, and I like the clarity of topic and pointed advice. And you’ve done it with a story and images that stick with me. Seth’s can be a rant (which is not to say that I don’t adore your rants too but you’re funnier so that makes it worth it.)

    1. Thanks Sally! Appreciate the feedback. We both know I do love a good rant.:) I do think the length is good and about max length for social media attention spans.

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