Take Control of Your Public Relations & Marketing Now

Sometimes headlines and social media feeds get ugly. Dirty secrets are revealed. Brands are trashed. Campaigns are lost. Reputations are ruined.

Most people faced with this situation want to hide.

While the delivery channels of earned/owned/paid media change and evolve, the strategy for crisis communications remains the same. Whether you’ve taken on brutal battles to capture the headlines or bury them, one rule stands alone: reacting instead of planning is the No. 1 mistake.

Crisis communications can feel like getting bucked off a horse spooked by the wind. You might land hard. But sooner or later you have to get back on to get home.

You can prevent or minimize a public relations crisis. You can navigate out of one. To do this, you must be committed to planning & action – not paralysis.

Years ago, I was working on a major press event. We had done our due diligence of briefing and preparing speakers days before the event. We spent the morning pitching the media. We worried they would blow us off. Luckily, they came. The stakes were high. A new public policy initiative was on the table for debate.

Midway through the press event, one of the speakers not only went off message, he went completely off script. My colleague’s eyes bulged. Seeing the looming crisis, I made the split-second decision to grab the microphone. Cheerily, I said we were running out of time and other panelists needed to speak. Crisis averted!

Managing crisis communications means one thing: taking control of the crisis before it happens.

Could you use some peace of mind? Do you know how your organization stacks up against the rest? Do you have employment or legal issues on your horizon? Are you launching a big campaign?

Take control with three easy steps so you are ready to command the storms:

  • Download the free crisis communications checklist.
  • Complete the checklist.
  • Schedule a free phone call/zoom to discuss how this checklist might inform your concerns or guide your goals for 2023.

 NW Media Allies offers you:

  • Peace of mind with crisis communications management & coaching
  • Smart media relations outreach, messaging & tips for better headlines
  • Relevant & engaging content creation for websites, social media, ads & email campaigns
  • Practical strategies that build communities who bring you results, leads, ideas or clients

We help prevent damage to your brand or reputation in crisis

The majority of crisis communications situations emerge when you are simply unprepared for inevitable circumstances. But if you find yourself in a tough spot, we can help you navigate rough waters. We also offer a free crisis communications checklist.

We show law firms how to market big cases, practice areas, tell their clients’ stories & build client referral streams

Attorneys compete for cases in specialized practice areas. The competition for clients can be fierce. We can help you set yourself apart so potential clients see your unique value and chose you over competing law firms. We are experienced in working with the clients you serve and know how to tell their stories. We also know how to assist law firm teams as they guide clients through the justice system. 

We’ll guide you to better headlines, quotes & media relationships

You don’t need a PR pro to talk to a reporter. We’ll show you how to build your own media relationships & pitches.

We’ll teach you how to build messages that stick & engage the media. We offer media coaching built on creating confidence. We give you the tactics you need for an entire career, not just a single media moment.

We deliver better content so you win business & achieve your goals

person using MacBook Pro

We’ll give you better skills for telling stories that transform brands, issues & communities. We’ll help you deliver captivating images and words that inspire people to act. Quality content creation commands time & proven strategies. We’re here to guide you through it so you can win the day.

We drive social media that inspires people to engage

Nobody has all day to jump on the social media carousels that never stop spinning. We’ll show you how to deliver impact and results so you’re not wasting precious time.

Do you know which social media streams are relevant for your target audience or market? We’ll show you how to maximize your time & impact on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

About NW Media Allies

Sue Evans started Northwest Media Allies after spending nearly two decades as a public relations professional serving nonprofits. law firms and progressive causes. She has a reputation for taking on tough situations and leading her clients through controversies. She has led political campaigns, high-stakes legislative battles, lawsuits and rescued faltering communications plans.

Sue currently serves on the board of the Puget Sound Research Forum (PSRF), a Seattle-based association of market researchers whose work influences key marketing, business and social decisions. She also serves as strategist of counsel for Pyramid Communications, her former employer.

Sue is married to Sean Robinson, an award-winning journalist and communications Professor at Pacific Lutheran University. They have two adult children who are passionate about music. They also have a horse (the Donut), a German Shepherd (Bogie) and two Maine Coon cats (Babyboo & Scoop).

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