Why the eyes have it in communications

We make decisions with our eyes. It’s how humans communicate. In fact, more than 90 percent of communication is done visually. What does this mean? It means that visually driven communication has more power. Visual communication is more effective. Visual communication is more engaging. I once met with a room full of journalists to persuade […]

How to spend your time in the attention economy

In this age of frenzied social media feeds and a struggling media industry, you might be asking yourself, do traditional news media stories still have relevance or impact? My answer is yes. Here’s why: Independent stories by trusted brands of truth validate your value. Media stories can break through the noise and clutter of mindless […]

The value of trusted brands of truth

Trusted brands of truth can raise us up and bring us down. They keep score. They enlighten and frighten us. The Fourth Estate of our democracy is the accountability delivered by the freedom of the press. But the rules of engagement have changed. A $787.5 million Fox News defamation settlement — one of the largest […]

A Media & Communications Checklist for Savvy Attorneys Sue Evans, Northwest Media Allies

person writing bucket list on book

Understand the fundamentals of communications: your goal drives strategy and tactics. Media, social media and marketing are tactics, not strategy. For most attorneys, the goal is to secure a strong result for their client. The second goal is to generate more referrals. Start planning your media strategy when you sign your client. Make sure you […]